About Us

Highest Quality Raw Material

Skin is the largest body organ and everything we use on it gets absorbed into our blood stream, in a world full of chemicals, do not compromise your health choices. No matter what skin care product you're looking for, we guarantee the reliability of our products. 

We cook all our products using the highest quality vegan & ethically sourced oils: olive & coconut & therapeutic grade essential oils.

Always Fresh & From Scratch

We cook our soaps on daily basis, all from scratch and following ancient soap recipes while maintaining up to date scientific guidelines.

Our soap bars are hand-crafted in small batches and pH tested.

We are a home-based family business with Three Generations of Successful  Soapmakers.

Why Choose Our Products

We take pride in our knowledge and experience, we are continuously developing our recipes and will be happy to answer all your questions. 

We hold an Environmental Sciences and Public Health Bachelor's Degree from the American University of Beirut and currently completing Ayurvedic & Alternative Health Studies in Toronto.

All About Us

We rarely send out emails, but when we do they will be packed with good deals!